Jyca Programs

JYCA creates the framework for youth to completely and utterly design, develop and shape the content of the programming they participate in, the impact they have in their communities, and the culture of their community. We do this rigorously by taking teens and their capacities seriously.

In JYCA, we teach youth the skills they need to effectively lead: from facilitation, to curricular development; from tracking social dynamics, to active listening; from partnering with local movement organizations to selecting campaigns through consensus processes; from planning retreats to managing non-profit budgets. Jewish youth live at the center of JYCA and so the organization is vibrant, alive, powerful and ineffably innovative. Sometimes it's more challenging, but it is always more interesting, more inspiring and more engaging. And we prefer it that way.

JYCA offers two programs for youth aged 14-18. The LGiT program (Leadership Group in Training) and the OG program (Organizing Group.) For more information, keep reading!


The Leadership Group in Training (LGiT) is JYCA’s six month long innovative leadership training program. Youth may apply for LGiT in the fall of each year. The program starts in January and continues through the first week of June. 

LGiT Participants:

  • Attend Leadership Training Sessions twice a month (typically on Sunday afternoons from 3-6 PM) which introduce youth  to the skills and analysis they need be leaders for change in their communities and in social justice movements. Workshops cover oppression and privilege, racism, sexism, adultism, active listening and more.

  • Get a chance to bond with other passionate youth during two weekend retreats

  • Become community activists by participating in a social justice campaign chosen by the group

  • Meet amazing people and build a fun, supportive and inclusive community

  • Gain focused skills training in fundraising for social justice

  • Learn the secrets of games like “Toy Truck,” “Dead Fish Live Fish” and “Mutant Pterodactyl”

Youth have the option to continue on by joining the OG after they've completed LGiT. Read more about the OG below.

Organizing Group (OG) 

The Organizing Group (OG) is comprised of youth leaders who have completed the Leadership Group in Training (LGiT). In addition to continuing to learn about oppression and privilege, the OG learns facilitation and leadership skills. They facilitate LGiT, take action for social justice in partnership with community organizations and do recruitment to get more young people involved with JYCA. OG participates in three weekend retreats packed with lots of fun and learning. OG runs from September through June each years JYCAns have the option to continue on with the OG each year that they are in high school.