Work for JYCA!

JYCA seeks to educate, empower and inspire political, social, environmental and cultural awareness and action in young activists, guided by Jewish values of social justice. This youth-led activism program enables teens to leverage their power towards a collective liberation that will benefit all, including the Jewish community. JYCA not only aims to empower youth to be strong leaders and activists for social change, but also seeks to create a radically different kind of youth culture that is inclusive, loving, and supportive of one another. JYCA offers a space in which youth have agency over their own programs while being supported by adults to be powerful change-makers in our communities.

Working for JYCA means getting to support Jewish youth to build futures in which all people have access to what they need and are living in alignment with the earth. JYCA is committed to building a culturally diverse workplace centered on equity and providing an inclusive, welcoming, and culturally responsive environment for all staff, volunteers, community partners and clients.

Below is a list of job openings available with JYCA.

There are no postings at this time.